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(With spool return spring)

Check all parts for wear while stripping and cleaning the reel, and replace as necessary.
This is the way I do it, which might not be the way experts recommend! It is a good idea to place all parts in something like an upturned lid or saucer while stripping a reel. Otherwise the tiny ones will find their way to the floor and make their escape......

Take off thumb rest (and throw it away!) Remove the nut cover on the handle by removing the screw. Undo the nut (remember it has a left-hand thread) and remove the circlip. The circlip can be removed using the nail of your left thumb and a flat headed screwdriver to prize it off, preventing it from escaping with the tip of your left index finger. Take the handle off and the spring washer beneath it. Note that the ends of this washer should curve down when you replace it. Undo the three knurled thumb screws that hold the left hand side plate to the reel frame and pull the entire assembly away. The spool spindle will come away with the side plate. Pull the spindle free, this is gripped by a clip inside the end cap and might require a sharp tug to free it. The spool can be removed at this point. Left side plate removed

Spool, cage, right side plate


Undo the three screws that hold the right hand side plate in place and remove it. Remove the click plate and the two plastic spacer sleeves (12134) that hold it in place. Undo the cap that holds the levelwind pawl in place and take out the pawl. Remove the retaining plate (5178) that holds the levelwind in place and pull out the levelwind worm gear and its shroud. The idle gear on the inside of the side plate should simply pull off, but I don't have the knack! In any case you should be able to clean it in situ. If you wish to remove the clicker switch the brass pin needs to be pulled out with a pair of pliers, push the tension plate towards the side plate while you do this, and on refitting.

Clean the reel frame, inside of levelwind shroud, worm gear and inside of right hand side plate. A toothbrush and cotton buds are handy for this.

Clean idle gear, oil its spindle, refit gear (if you have removed it!) and grease the teeth. The clicker mechanism rarely needs much attention. A scrub and a bit of grease should do the trick.

Refit levelwind mechanism, oiling the worm and the centre of the brass cog. Refit the click plate, followed by the right hand side plate. The side plate may need some jiggling to locate the clicker switch correctly. I move the switch to a central position and line the lever up visually with the post of the clicker mechanism before sitting the plate home.

Remove the plastic gear cog from one end of the spool by pulling, and pop out the bearing. Carefully remove retaining clip from the other end of the spool, remove the brake block holder, and take out the bearing and the washer beneath it. This washer curves down at the edges. Clean the spool. Check and degrease the brake blocks. Degrease and re-oil the bearings. Refit all parts to spool. Spool
Opened left side plateRemove the end cap. This contains a plastic retaining clip for the spool spindle and two square shims. Remove star wheel from left hand side plate. Take out the two screws on the side plate and lift it from the backing plate. Put a finger on the top of the main drive shaft to keep all washers etc in place while doing this. Two washers will remain in the side plate - don't lose them. Ensure that the concave faces of these washers are facing each other on refitting. There is also a sleeve beneath these washers - note that it is partially closed at the bottom.

Remove the main drive shaft, complete with drag washers, and the brass washer beneath it. Lift out the pinion lifter retainer (21874) followed by the pinion gear holder (21875) - leave the pinion gear in the holder. Remove the spring (22804), slider (21868), spool release button (21869) and release arm (21432) - see right. Don't lose the spring!

Left base plate

Spool release mechanism
Remove all drag washers and keep them in order for refitting. Push the main gear off the drive shaft and remove the washer beneath it. When lubricating the drive gears ensure no grease gets on the drag washers. Don't neglect the Instant Anti Reverse bearing in the side plate when cleaning and lubricating. Refit spool release mechanism, pinion gear holder, lifter retainer and drive shaft in that order. Make sure the spool release button is located between the gap in the pinion lifter retainer. Drag washers
Back together again!

Replace end cap. Lightly oil the spool spindle before refitting it - ensuring that it clicks into place within the end cap - which shouldn't be screwed too far on at this stage. Place the spool on the spindle and refit the left hand side plate. Make sure that the brake blocks are pushed right in or they will bear on their housing and not allow the side plate to be screwed fully home. Refit the star wheel and handle. The reel is ready for final casting adjustments - and fishing!

A new reel being stripped for customising was used for these photos for the sake of clarity. One that's been used a bit wouldn't look quite so clean!


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